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How to create the perfect ombre lip

How to create the perfect ombre lip

If you thought hair colour was where the ombre trend ended, think again!

Ombre or two-toned lipstick is this season’s hottest beauty craze, and has been tried out by a range of fashion-forward A-listers on the red carpet Lily Collins, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba. This lipstick effect typically involves having a darker shade along the outline of your pout which fades into a lighter shade at the centre, creating a cool gradient effect and the appearance of fuller lips. To get this look at home, first of all prep your lips, making sure you have a smooth base to work with. Then, make-up artist Denise Rabor suggests putting on your first coat of lipstick, before lining your lips with a dark liner (or darker lipstick, if you want to go down that route), paying special attention to the corners of your lips. Blend the liner into the medium lipstick by drawing really short, feathery strokes from the outside in with a fine lip brush. Then proceed to add a highlight. “I would recommend using a powder instead of a light lipstick because it sits on top of the medium lipstick more easily,” Denise told Cover Media, adding, “Take a lip brush and a light-coloured eyeshadow and dab a little right in the middle of your lips, upper and lower, almost in a little circle and then blend it out with a brush.”

Once your lipstick is blended together, you should have a subtle yet pretty effect. The powder highlight also has the advantage of not smudging and going everywhere like lighter lipstick. But if you’d rather just use lipstick to create the ombre look, brush in a little clear gloss on the centre portion of your pout for an additional shine.

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