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How to control your curl

How to control your curl

Whether you’re blessed with curly hair or turn to a styling tool to achieve ringlets, curls are incredibly beautiful, and more versatile than you might think. With the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Katie Holmes rocking the look at recent red carpet events, we break down some do’s and don’ts for frizz free, bouncy texture.

First up, ensure you prepare your locks properly to avoid unwanted frizz. After washing your hair, in order to embrace your natural curl it is a good idea to use a diffuser on your hairdryer. Set it to a low speed and low heat setting, or even cold if you prefer, to create tight binded curls.

Creative Manager at Charles Worthington, Katie Allan, recommends avoiding angling your hairdryer up and against the cuticle to curb frizziness.

“Don’t dry the hair 100 per cent dry as this will also make it frizzy, dry the hair 70-90 per cent and leave the rest to dry naturally,” she told Cover Media.

To keep curls looking fresh between washes, Katie also advises wrapping the hair flat around your head while sleeping. Do this by combing with a paddle or soft brush and wrap the hair flat to the head, following the natural curve in circular strokes so all the mid lengths are sitting flat to the head. Then take a head scarf and wrap over the top to keep the hair flat when sleeping.

So what should ladies blessed with curly locks ask for in the salon? For those who want a cut to show off their curls, Katie advises asking your stylist to take out pockets of weight and length so the “curls sit individually rather than bulky”. But if you have curly hair but like the option of wearing it straight, you need to keep length and layers, so take the weight out to slim down the shape and to minimise the amount of hair.

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