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How to care for brows

How to care for brows

You know that over tweezing your brows is bad, but you don't want a couple of caterpillars sitting atop your eyes either. So what to do? Follow some expert tips on how to care for your eyebrows of course!

"Trimming your eyebrow hair is not a bad thing, it just needs to be understood how to approach the brow," Billion Dollar Brows' Natalie Plain told Cover Media. "I saw somebody yesterday who had them professionally done and she literally - it looked like they'd just took the scissors and cut straight across. You know we're not trimming bushes here, we're not out in the forest, we're really approaching this with an artist's hand. It's small snippets on the angle. The trick is brushing them straight up and then going in with the scissors. Really analyse which of those hairs are the wild strays; those are the ones which frustrate everyone and are unruly. You really want to go in with a light hand, on the angle."

Once your brows have been trimmed, you might want to shape them a little. The trick is not to take too much off the ends - hold a pencil at the side of a nostril and then move it to the edge of your eye. This is where your brow should end, with the arch above the outer edge of your iris.

Now the shape is right, it's time to sort out any sparse patches. Traditionally people have been afraid of tinting their brows in case things end up too dark, but Natalie assures things have moved on a lot in recent years.

"Tinting professionally is always great. The dye has to be done with a light hand and the right products," she explained. "(The ideal is) a pencil and a powder in a universal colour that you can pop in your eyebrows and easily apply... No-one should just have colour in their brows, it shouldn't look drawn on or fake."

To ensure it your filling in doesn't stand out like a sore thumb you need to blend. The ideal took here is a spoolie brush - otherwise known as a clean mascara wand. It works well to help deposit any colour uniformly - one of Natalie's biggest commandments.

"(What) you want it to deposit colour both on the skin and onto the actual brow hairs. So blending - blending is a huge tip," she said. "If you're not blending in your eye powder or your pencil you're going to have that drawn on appearance and it's clownish. So when somebody looks at you they look at your drawn-on eyebrows, they don't see a beautiful healthy, pop of colour in your brow to frame your face. You don't want them knowing you have colour in your eyebrows that's the whole trick of it all, but everybody needs a pop of colour. Fake it!"

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