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How to boost your décolletage

How to boost your décolletage

Gone are the days of envying Sofía Vergara and Chrissy Teigen's daring necklines.

You don't need to rely on a push-up bra to highlight your assets; here are some ways you can give them a new lease of life with little effort, as recommended by skincare expert Jill Zander.

When in the shower we're recommended to have a cold spritz at the end to make our hair shine, but this icy ending has other benefits. The cold water on your breasts helps boost circulation in the area as well as stimulating the collagen and elasticity, helping your cleavage remain pert and firm. Over the years your boobs will change with losing and putting on weight to this is important to keep in mind as they become prone to sagging.

An ice massage can keep things in place also, doing the same as above. Simply get an ice pack and roll over your cleavage for around five minutes (if you can last that long!).

Argan oil is a go-to beauty product for many and can be used in this area too, with the stem cells helping prevent wrinkles on your chest and breast area. You moisturise your face and other areas of your body, but one important region you're probably missing is in between your chin and boobs - your neck, chest and cleavage.

It isn't all about what goes directly on your breasts though and you can make a difference by what you eat. As mentioned earlier, collagen helps your boobs look smooth, so tuck into foods which include it. Fish, egg whites, dark greens (kale, spinach) and lean meats all tick the box and are easy to incorporate into your eating habits, so don't waste any time!

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