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Here are some top tips to tackle the problem of greasy hair

Greasy hair is a big, but not unsolvable, problem
Greasy hair is a big, but not unsolvable, problem

Having to wash your hair every day is time consuming and, quite frankly, boring. While some people can comfortably go for a couple of days without shampooing, others have to battle locks that produce excess sebum and always look greasy. So how can you cope with even the worst of bad hair days?

Before we go into ways to disguise the problem, let's assume that prevention is better than cure. Effectively, you need to wean yourself off daily washes - easier said than done, granted.

Start by taking off just one day a week, maybe a weekend when you can wear a hat or a day when you're not really planning on leaving the house. Try and build up to a point where you can go two or three days without lathering up, as regular washing can actually aggravate the problem by stripping your hair's natural sebum and forcing it to produce more.

Whether you're trying to break the cycle of excess sebum or simply need a freshen up between washes, there's help at hand. Firstly, make sure that every time you DO wash your hair, you rinse it for at least a minute. Any remnants of shampoo or conditioner will only weigh your locks down more. Next, keep an eye on the ingredients list when buying haircare products.

"If you suffer from excess oil in the hair, avoid using haircare products where oil is listed as a main ingredient," advises award-winning hair expert and Matrix Global Design Team Member Paul Falltrick.

"Styling-wise, look for products such as texturising powders and root boosters to lift the hair and prevent it from feeling heavy or weighed down. My personal favourite is the Design Pulse Mega Dust by Matrix – simply shake into the roots and work in with the fingers to add volume and body in an instant. Great for absorbing excess oil if you haven't had time to wash your hair too!"

A classic way to combat a bad hair day is with dry shampoos. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo and Style Sexy Hair H2No Style Saver Dry Shampoo are total lifesavers if you don't have time to shampoo in the mornings. The first adds bounce and volume to big locks while the second even pushes colour vibrancy and protects from chemical damage.

We're also big fans of the Rush Salon Range, available in M&S. The Survive & Revive Dry Shampoo leaves a subtle smell and refreshes hair without weighing it down or leaving a chalky residue.

If it's too late to add bounce, try a sleek up-do instead. This disguises a multitude of sins and is actually bang on trend. Palmer’s Super Control Gel keeps hair slick and in place without adding any extra grease.

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