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How birth control affects skin

How birth control affects skin

All females will be aware that there are side effects with taking birth control, such as how it affects your skin. For some it can clear up problems like acne thanks to stopping extra oil being produced by the androgen hormone, but it's not all positive.

Cherry Woods, luxury facialist at the Cherry Woods Skin Clinic in Richmond, UK, goes through some of the results birth control has on appearance.

"For those with naturally very dry skin or inflammatory issues like eczema, the reduction in oil production could aggravate your condition," she tells Cover Media. "For some individuals, the mere disruption in the level of androgen hormone can actually cause increased production of oil."

In situations like this Cherry suggests using oil-free products when treating your skin as to not overdo it, and make sure all make-up has been removed at the end of the day.

Pigmentations issue known as melasma can also be present in women who use birth control pills, as well as females who are pregnant or using hormone replacement therapy. Cherry explains that discolouration is mostly seen from the upper lip to the forehead, being symmetrical on both sides of the face.

"If this happens, resist making radical changes (such as harsh exfoliation or peels) as often the pigment disperses as soon as you stop taking the birth control pill," she adds. "Instead, tackle the problem by using an antioxidant-rich, broad spectrum, five star SPF 50 sun protection every day."

She also suggests investing in products including lactic or glycolic acid to help lighten your complexion. Vitamin C is another ingredient proven to boost skin tone and disperse pigments in the skin.

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