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Holiday haircare: Sun

Holiday haircare: Sun

Your hair goes through a lot while on holiday and when you spend every day in the sun, it's important you protect it.

UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to your strands' outer layer, the cuticle, and leave your locks dry and brittle with split ends. Once damaged, it will be a lot harder to style your tresses, and the more you handle your hair, the more damage will be caused.

To prevent these problems, as well as discolouration, from happening, fend off the sun's harm with these simple tips.

London-based hairstylist and expert colourist Jack Howard approaches the predicament as he would guarding the skin from the sun.

"Buy some factor 50 sun protector lotion, pour a teaspoon into a small travel spray bottle, add hot water and shake. Take this to the beach with you and spray liberally throughout the day. It’s the perfect defence!" he shared with Cover Media.

By mixing sunscreen with hot water it will dissolve into the perfect consistency to cover your head without being too gloopy. It will also ensure your scalp doesn't burn - many people forget to cover the tops of their heads!

He also recommends avoiding washing hair in hot water, as this wreaks havoc, making your locks more vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays.

And don't forget: like your skin, your hair shouldn't be out in the sun all day - wear a hat or scarf over your head whenever you can.

Amanda Jackson, Principle Educator at Great Lengths, has some suggestions to stop locks from drying out too.

"When it comes to which products to use in your hair, I always recommend my clients look for shampoos with a low PH level," she said. "The low PH will help keep moisture locked in and will soothe an irritated scalp. Products that contain nourishing oils such as avocado oil, argan oil and olive oil are also great for bringing weather-beaten hair back to life."

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