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Holiday haircare: Sea

Holiday haircare: Sea

When on holiday, the first thing you want to do is jump into the sea - after all, that's what a beach break is all about! You'll have plenty of moisturiser at the ready after a day of swimming, but do you have the right stuff on hand to treat your hair?

Salt water makes locks clumpy and tangled so when you take a comb to it, strands will immediately break. The high salt content is osmotic, meaning it sucks all water out of your hair, so it'll leave it dry too.

Instead of diving straight into the sea with completely dry hair, wet it first with normal fresh water. That way the salt won't be absorbed as much thanks to a protective lining (you can use this approach when swimming in a pool to protect from chlorine too).

Oil spray is another option to keep moisture locked in, or other moisturising hair products like a cream or leave-in conditioner can do the job.

"Pop a hair treatment in your beach bag along with your sun cream and take it with you to keep hair protected from chlorine and salt water," hair and beauty expert Karine Jackson added.

Just as it's important to wet hair before getting in the sea, rinse straight away when out to make sure the salt doesn't sit for too long.

When you do finally get to a shower, handle with care. Comb your locks gently so you don't tug at any knots and opt for a hydrating or clarifying shampoo. The second is designed to remove all excess products from your hair, in this case salt, but don't use it on a regular basis, as it also eliminates oil.

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