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Highlighters for sunkissed radiance

Highlighters for sunkissed radiance

As we prepare to say goodbye to the long hot summer, and our sunkissed skin looks a little less glowing, a highlighter is your best bet for retaining that glowy radiance throughout the autumn days.

Highlighters are best used in the same spots that naturally catch the sun. It can also be used sparingly in other key points across the face to enhance shape and reflect light – such as a touch in your cupid’s bow to enhance your pout or add a little around the hairline to give your skin a natural just-back-from-holiday glow. Adding highlighter along your cheekbones Kim Kardashian style is a great finishing flourish if you're into contouring but it looks just as great if you’re not into the sculpted look. Finally, add a little product underneath your brows to enhance your arches.

Daniela Ignatescu, Aesthetic Practitioner and Makeup Artist from, gives Cover Media the lowdown on getting the best out of your highlighter.

Prep skin first

“The better the skin looks, the better the make-up will look. A well prepped skin helps the make-up to get the best effects. Therefore take a few minutes and cleanse your skin, exfoliate, moisturise and prime your skin before beginning any make-up application,” advises Daniela. “Always remember to stay away from highlighting problem areas, like pimples, puffy skin or anywhere you have wrinkles or deep folds as highlighting will bring unwanted attention to these not-so-flattering features.”

Choose the right highlighter

“When it comes to skin complexion, always choose a highlighter that is just a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. The highlighter can be available in powder, liquid or cream forms with or without shimmer. However just like foundation not every highlighter is made for every skin complexion or skin type,” cautions Daniela. Blending your highlighter is the most important step of achieving the pro-finish. Use a blending sponge or brush and don’t leave any visible line of transition between shades of color.

Match your highlighter to your skin tone

“Women with lighter skin tones should opt for a pearlescent or champagne sheen. The perfect powder highlighter for fair complexion is Lightscapade or Crushed Pearl and Starburst from Glow Kit palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills,” says Daniela. MUA’s Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit and IT Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Highlighter also fit the bill.

“If you have a medium or olive tone to your skin, look for warmer colours with a peachy or gold undertone, such as Nars Multiple Palm Beach is a bronze stick highlighter that it gives a golden sheen to the skin without looking sparkly,” Daniela shared.

“MAC Pigment in Vanilla – this is my favourite highlighter. It is a loose powder that can look peachy, gold and yellow depending on the light. The MAC Pigment can have multiple uses. You can apply it on your face, eyes, cheek bones and lips.

“For darker skin tones, warm hues of rose gold or bronze work wonders on but make sure you stay away from frosty or pearlescent shades as they can cause the skin to look grey,” she adds. “Try Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer no 12. or Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Gold in Medium to Dark.”

MUA Luxe Ombre Shimmer is a great budget option.

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