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Have a peachy month this August

Have a peachy month this August

August is peach month, and that’s just peachy with us. The fleshy orange/yellow fruit is a delicious way to get a serious hit of vitamins and minerals, great for keeping both out bodies and skin healthy.

In science, it’s been found that peach extracts are effective in killing types of breast cancer cells while the high level of vitamin C in the fruit is also help combat the formation of free radicals, which are known to cause cancer.

As for the beauty benefits, again it’s the antioxidant proprieties of vitamin C which really get to work on the skin.

But it’s not just eating the fruit that can benefit the body, as plenty of companies now harness the power of peaches in their products.

Natural skincare giant Burt’s Bees has used the ingredient for its Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub - an exfoliator which gives skin a deep clean while gently buffering off dead skin cells using finely ground peach stone. The result is smooth, polished skin that you’ll want to show off.

Meanwhile, lip brand Lanolips has used peach, as well as apple and strawberry, for its new hydrating balms which can be used on lips, dry patches and cuticles. As well as lanolin and vitamin E, the products contain 100 per cent fruit extracts to soothe dry areas, with the peach offering using peach kernel oil to soothe lips and skin - gently absorbing into the areas that need reviving.

Fragrance also often feature peach notes, with the sweet smell working well with citrus and white flower scents. Ghost’s classic Eclipse uses peach as a top note, along with middle and base smells of rose, freesia and amber. The brand’s Girl Crush also uses peach, this time mixed with raspberry and cedar for a lighter, more youthful effect.

The opulent Lady Caron by Caron, available from, also utilises the sweet fruit, mixing it with magnolia, jasmine and orange flower.

And the ever endearing Narciso Rodriguez for her EDP also adds peach to a mix of rose, amber, musk, sandalwood and patchouli. Encased in beautiful pink bottle, this is a smell that never goes out of style.

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