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Haircare goes coco loco

Haircare goes coco loco

Here's a challenge: try to walk down any beauty aisle without spotting a hair or skincare product containing coconut. Impossible, right? And it's no surprise when the scent is so gorgeous and the benefits so plentiful. So when did people start using coconut in this way and how has the trend developed over time?

While coconut oil itself has been around for ages, it's only slowly made its way over to mainstream European beauty, which could explain our sudden obsession.

"Coconut oil is a new love of mine that I discovered whilst in Thailand some years ago, but now it's everywhere," runway and celebrity stylist Matthew Curtis agrees.

"Use it on your hair, skin or even to cook with; it will revitalise your hair with natural goodness leaving it feeling nourished, shiny and it also smells good."

Matthew particularly recommends using pure coconut oil as a hair conditioner.

But even with all that history behind it, the beauty world is nowhere near close to running out of ideas. In fact, new coconut products are popping up all the time.

When Cover Media spoke to hairdresser Lee Stafford, he was super excited to introduce his brand new CoCo LoCo range. And yep, you've guessed it - he's also gone crazy for coconut! Lee explains that initially he was worried about making what he likes to call a "me too" - a product that's been designed many times over. But - and this is hard to believe - his is actually the first mainstream designer haircare brand to produce a whole coconut range.

"I LOVE Coconut!" he enthuses. "I eat it, drink it, cook with it, moisturise with it – so I couldn’t wait to create my own coconut haircare line – CoCo LoCo. Coconut is renowned for its high moisture-retaining capacity and it penetrates deep into the hair shaft to really get in there and work its crazy magic."

There's also SheaMoisture, a haircare brand that blends Coconut with hibiscus. The former hydrates, while the latter stimulates scalp circulation and encourages hair growth. Developed in 1912, the range has kept growing and now expanded into high-street stores.

If you're after a coconut-based multitasker, look no further than Coconoil. It does everything from nourish skin to remove make-up at the end of the day - a complete all-rounder. And of course it's also fabulous on your hair! It launched in 2004 after the Boxing Day tsunami to help Sri Lankan farmers, but this year (15) Coconoil also started a project with five villages in Ghana to help create new jobs.

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