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Hair products explained

Hair products explained

Styling hair isn't easy. In fact, sometimes it can end up looking worse after you've worked some product into it - which isn't what you're aiming for!

It could be that you're using the wrong option, like wax when you should be reaching for gel or spray when you really need something tougher. Of course everyone's hair is different, but we've got some tips on which are best for your purpose.

To make it easy, each section will explore a different product and how they're best used.


Nope, wax isn't just for guys with ultra cool hair straight out of Grease. But it is best used on short, choppy locks to add texture as it's known for its strength and ability to hold. So if you have a pixie cut you can benefit from it, and you need so little that lightly coating your fingertips will be enough for the whole head.

With wax you want to twist it into your ends and style accordingly, as rubbing it into any other section may give the illusion of greasy hair, when what you really want is an edgy finish.


Perhaps seen as retro, mousse still comes in handy on the right occasion! Curls are a prime example of when it works best as it helps keep each ringlet defined and neat rather than turning into a frizzy mess. However, mousse can pretty much be used on all hair types, with plenty of options out there from curls to straightening.

A tennis ball sized amount is always recommended for longer tresses, whereas a smaller squirt is suitable for shorter styles. Run the cloud-like foam through your strands from root to tip, making sure it's all soaked up before using a hair dryer to finish (heat really helps the mousse get to work).


Now we have gel in two forms here - spray or just straight out of a tube/tub. But gel is gel, and it will help control frizz and kinks. Spray may be a better option to get even coverage but if you opt for the traditional form just make sure it's distributed equally so you're not left with a crunchy patch of hair. Add sparingly too, as it sets hard.

Adding to wet hair and combing through will ensure your hair is tamed when it's dry, whether you're going for straight or curly.


The classic, this product can be used on whoever wants their style to stay in place. From light to extra strong hold, there're so many options to choose from. Apply liberally, as the alcohol in hairspray evaporates quickly so you want your hair 'do to set before that happens.

Make sure you hold from a distance to get the best results - we recommend around ten inches from your scalp.

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