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Hair product build-up removal tips

Hair product build-up removal tips

Post-holiday is when we recover from the constant parties and get-togethers with friends and family, a time when we are more “made up” than usual. That can take a toll on your hair and skin over time, thanks to all those products you've been applying.

If you have been sporting a new hairdo for each gathering, you know it’s easy to get carried away with hairsprays, gels, pomades, and more. But what happens when you get home late and don’t have the energy to take a shower and rinse your hair out in the morning? Product can build up on your scalp, taking away your hair’s natural sheen, making it appear dry and brittle. Over time, it can get super damaged, even with regular shampooing.

When water comes in contact with hair covered in product, it actually congeals and acts as a barrier, so shampoo won’t be able to penetrate through and break it up. As a result, hair might start to feel sticky even after you’ve “cleaned” it. Similarly, product can clog your hair follicles, subsequently preventing your hair from growing.

Since regular shampooing won’t completely work to get the product out, one alternative is clarifying, or anti-residue shampoo. These are specifically designed to get impurities out of your hair, making it look less greasy and more voluminous. But since clarifying shampoos are more acidic than others, only use it once a month, or weekly if you're suffering from heavy build-up.

Another, natural, option is using baking soda. Mix two parts with one part water and apply the paste to your hair in a thick layer. Let it sit for up to a half hour, then rinse, shampoo, and conditioner as usual.

Finally, if your head is also pounding from drinking too much on top of all the product build-up, try crushing aspirin and putting a palm-full into your regular shampoo. The salicylic acid in the medicine removes the product residue and restores shine.

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