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Hair extension series: Bonds

Hair extension series: Bonds

The first part of our series concentrated on hair tapes, the newest way to boost locks and currently taking beauty by storm. But while tapes (wafts of hair that are taped into your own) continue to gain popularity, let’s not forget about other methods.

Under the spotlight in this article are bonds, which are bonded sections of hair that are fused to your own strands.

Hair expert Stephanie Pollard has been working with extensions for the past three decades, and individual keratin bonds are one of the most popular styles at her London-based salon (

“I started after the 80s, after the whole Boy George Karma Chameleon time, and there were people like [Jean Paul] Gaultier,” Stephanie smiled to Cover Media. “And then it went from really thick extensions to starting to look a lot more natural. It's taken a long time; it's only in the last five years I've done them way more natural.”

After the rise of WAG culture came the Kardashians, which means long hair still reigns supreme. If you’re thinking about bonds, Stephanie has listed the top reasons to go for the individual keratin version.

“Firstly they’re more bespoke. I even use my own resin and I source my own hair. You can also hand mix them and can choose the hair type, so you’ll get the colour to match 100 per cent. With pre-bonded ones you're just given the colour and you can't really get a blend, especially if you're a blonde or an unusual red,” she explained.

She adds that they’re really easy to style and “give you better hair days”.

Clients can expect the bonds to last for three months before they need to get them redone.

There are a few downsides too, notably the price which can be a lot more than other methods of extensions.

“They’re expensive and they need a little bit of maintenance as well. Also they’re not reusable,” Stephanie highlighted.

The super stylist is also keen to point out that extending your hair isn't just about adding flowing locks and volume. In fact her most asked for job is simply lengthening the corners at the front of hair.

"Because a lot of people don't have the length at the front but they do at the back," she explained. "Once you lengthen hair, suddenly they have long hair. It's all about creating the shape at the front, near the face."

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