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Guard your blonde hair

Guard your blonde hair

When you spend so much money dyeing your hair blonde, the last thing you want to do is accidentally ruin the colour. Here we look at the major mistakes you could be making when caring for bleached locks.

It's only normal that your coloured hair will change slightly, as all shades do after they are first transformed. Getting the shade spot on isn't easy because you'll usually need toner, but when that fades it can leave things looking dull. On top of this blonde hair is more porous so the more toner it absorbs, the more likely it is to change. So, how to go about keeping your tresses beautifully blonde?

A shower filter is a great investment as not only does it make the water you wash in cleaner, it also helps minimise the minerals and metals coming through. These can change the colour of your hair and strip it of shine, so a filter is a good idea - just remember to change it regularly.

And don't even get us started on chlorine. If you're a regular swimmer, make sure you wear a swimming cap and cover up as much of your hair as possible. Give your locks a quick rinse before popping it on as this will stop the chemicals in the water being absorbed by creating a seal. We already know hair is porous but there's only so much it can take, so make sure it soaks up clean water rather than chlorine. As soon as you're done swimming wash your hair - the shampoo and conditioner you use now is important as well. Purple products will help keep the lightness, but use sparingly as they can really wash your hair out and leave it greyish if you overdo it. So invest in either a good shampoo or conditioner to use once a week tops, or pick up hair care specifically for blondes.

A perk of lighter hair is that it doesn't look greasy as quickly as brunette can, giving you the opportunity to not wash it as often. Use dry shampoo on in-between days if you need a bit of life, or give it a quick rinse without washing.

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