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Greys be gone! How to cover silver strands between salon trips

Greys be gone! How to cover silver strands between salon trips

A regular trip to the hairdressers quickly goes from an enjoyable experience to a chore when you hit a certain age. But thanks to hordes of new products on the market, there are now more and more ways to conceal greying roots in between salon visits. From sprays to powders, it’s never been easier to hide grey hair – so you can forget about the ‘silver fox’ label and just be a ‘fox’!

Here we run through the best ways of hiding greying hair between salon visits.

Powders –

Considered by many as the original method of hiding sneaky greys, Bumble and bumble’s Hair Powder also absorbs oil, giving your locks an instant refresh. It’s available in three different shades and the packaging has been updated to make it easier and less messy to use. While it’s certainly not the cheapest on the market, the results and reviews speak for themselves.

Another good option is Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder. A cheaper option, this powder offers similar results but without the dry shampoo aspect of Bumble and bumble’s product. Like many blushers or bronzers, Charles Worthington’s powder has an integrated brush – making it incredibly easy to apply.

Compacts -

There has been a huge rise in recent months in the amount of root touch up compacts on the market. These nifty products certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a make-up bag, and mean you can touch up any grey hairs while on the go – perfect if you suddenly catch sight of a straggler.

John Frieda has recently launched their Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer, which is a fantastic option if you have a colour slightly different from the standard shades, as they offer a dual-shade palette to enable blending to match the perfect colour.

The most reasonable option by far is W7 Cover Up Root Camouflage Kit – it does the same thing at a fraction of the price. Remember with all these options that they all wash out and are purely a temporary fix. However, the ease of use means that even if you wash your hair every day, you can still apply in the morning to ensure a grey free ‘do.

Sprays –

A spray is another great option for quickly concealing greying locks. L’Oreal’s Magic Retouch is gaining popularity among users online, and it’s not hard to see why. Manufacturers boast that in just three seconds, this spray can give you “flawless roots”. It enables you to hide greys with just one spray, and one can allows up to 30 uses. It’s also transfer proof and suitable for light blonde through to black hair.

If you’re a brunette, why not give label.m’s Brunette Dry Shampoo a go. This is a great choice if you have just a few greys to cover as it conceals them with ease, giving your hair a volume boost and refresh in the process.

AGEbeautiful’s Root Touch-Up is another good option as it targets all five signs of hair ageing - loss of volume, manageability, colour, moisture and shine – while in a compact size making it perfect to pop in your handbag.

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