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Gold goddess lips

Gold goddess lips

Gold lips look set to be the standout beauty trend this season and the good news is they can work for anyone.

The thought of covering your mouth in a decadent gold finish may seem overwhelming for those more comfortable with a nude pout, but it really is worth a try. Prada sent us swooning with models bearing molten metallic mouths during the Spring/Summer 16 collection, and we think this could be a great look to try during the summer months – especially if you have a good tan to show off! We have asked Denise Rabor, international make-up artist and founder of WOW Beauty, for some advice on how to recreate that golden glow at home.

“Adding a gold pigment to your lips creates a beautiful summer glow,” Denise explained to Cover Media. “And it will keep you looking like a goddess!”

Here are Denise’s top tips on how to get the look:

1. Firstly and most importantly make sure that your lips are in good condition; lips are skin, keep them moisturised by making sure that you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Keep them nourished and moisturised by using a good quality lip balm and if you are prone to flaky lips, exfoliate them.

2. Create a base for your lipstick by either applying your foundation to your lips or by using a lip primer.

3. Next, I would use Pat McGraths Gold 001 Lipstick, you can use the pigment dry for shimmery luminosity, with a primer underneath for more intense colour or with a make-up brush dipped in the mixing liquid to get that molten look.

4. For a more extreme option stick the spatula into the pressed pigment to break it up and transfer it to the second life container. Pressing it into the skin in this form gives it the look of gold leaf.

5. Lightly powder your lips with translucent powder and then apply your final coat of lipstick.

If the prospect of glimmering lips is still too much, you could tone the look down by opting for a more neutral lip gloss, such as a pale pink, which has a subtle gold sheen. Try this out first and then maybe you’ll feel brave enough to fully embrace the gold goddess inside you!

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