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Give yourself a collagen boost

Give yourself a collagen boost

If your skin is feeling limp and lifeless there are plenty of ways to encourage a collagen boost.

Collagen is a must-have for anyone seeking a plump and firm complexion. Factors such as age, weight loss or gain, pregnancy and hormonal changes can all result in looser skin.

If you’ve ever wondered how to lift collagen levels, then read on. We’ve sought out a series of solutions ranging from lotions to gadgets and even facial exercises.

First up, Nicola Simmons, a skincare expert for Phytomer, tells us why she believes creams are the way forward.

“Collagen is like your skin’s mattress – it provides plumpness, volume and firmness. With age these fibres start to collapse and harden and snap resulting in loss of firmness, loose and sagging skin and loss of definition around the cheeks and jaw line,” Nicola told Cover Media. “However, we can minimise this action by using products which boost collagen production. For example, Phytomer's Structuriste Firming Lift Cream - which encourages collagen production and protects the fibres from hardening and snapping, this results in a firmer, denser skin.”

There are a wide range of other products available to tighten up skin, including Time Bomb Collagen Essential Skin Fuel which promises to inhibit natural collagen disintegration. Retinoid creams have been proven to help improve collagen production, but are often only available on prescription. Milder forms of retinoid, known as retinol creams, can be bought on the high street.

If you’re fed up with splashing out on creams to boost collagen, consider getting active.

Danielle Collins is an expert in yoga for the face and has suggested anyone searching for supple skin should give her special exercises a go.

“Using all the fingers, gently and quickly tap all over the face, starting at the neck and moving upwards. Continue for at least 30 seconds. This will increase circulation and boost collagen and elastin,” Danielle, whose exercises can be seen on, told Cover Media. “Here’s another one to try. Place the fingers in the centre of the forehead and gently move them outwards, away from each other. Repeat at least three times to help plump and firm the skin on the forehead and to boost collagen.”

Any spa fans out there should try the self-heating massage tool Lava Shells, a favourite among a host of celebrities. The Lava Shells Massage helps to alleviate aches and pains and also increases blood flow. The massage movements apparently help essential nutrients and fresh oxygen to flow through the blood and boost collagen production.

Tech wizards may prefer to use a beauty device in the comfort of their own homes. British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is said to be a fan of LightStim for Wrinkles, which claims to increase collagen and elastin levels.

Certain lifestyle choices can also make a big difference. Avoid smoking as this can lead to collagen degradation and always protect skin from UV exposure by applying sunscreen. A diet high in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables is another way to preserve collagen and improve our ability to replenish stores of the stuff. Removing the top, dead layers of skin through regular exfoliation is a great way to speed up the natural process of collagen renewal.

Finally, while Botox won’t increase levels of collagen, the injections can help preserve current levels in the body.

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