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Give your plait a messy update for a new season look

Give your plait a messy update for a new season look

Fashionistas worldwide watch runway shows with bated breath every fashion week to see what trends emerge. But it’s not just the clothes people look at - the hair and make-up designers opt for on the catwalk can spark trends for the coming months too.

One look that’s proving as popular as ever is plaited hair, with Valentino at Paris Fashion Week just one of the names giving braids a fresh new update for the next season. Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, the plait is a look that can be explored by everyone – and it also suits women of every age. Here, we explore the eternal appeal of the humble plait.

Wedding hair and make-up expert Michelle Lacey, of Bumblebee Bridal, is all too aware of the popularity of the plait, and is frequently asked to perfect ethereal braids for her stunning brides. Asked why she thinks the plait is still so popular, Michelle told Cover Media: “It's has romanticism and youthful allure, and it’s also a fun way for a woman to look younger. It's also a great way to hide a multitude of sins. If your fringe won’t go right one day, for example, you can plait it out of the way.”

While multiple, tight plaits are always a favourite look for the summer, this season the plait has been given a loose and messy twist. Valentino showcased romantic, undone, Rapunzel-style braids during their Spring 2017 show, and Michelle is a big fan of the “pulled out, fishtail” braid. This is also a good look to try if you don’t have oodles of time to do your hair as “it doesn’t need to look perfect”, Michelle smiles.

There are also ways to update the look for the daytime and the evening, making a cute fishtail the perfect style whatever the occasion.

“In the day I don't think you can go wrong with a fishtail plait to the side,” Michelle advised. “It's a simple plait to do on yourself and can look so soft and pretty. Keep the bangs out and loosely pin them back at the end to make the style even softer.”

When it comes to the evening, grab your backcombing brush and hairspray to add some glamour by getting some height at the roots. “You can either pull the plait out to make it look big and slightly messy and wear it to the side or for a simple up do once the plait is messy you can roll the plait into a circle and loosely pin it up as a simple but chic up do,” Michelle said.

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