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Get your skin make-up sorted

Get your skin make-up sorted

You may be a master of winged eyeliner, or the king of red lipstick, but if you’re no good at putting your face make-up on, then your look can end up more failure than fabulous.

Top make-up artist Pernille Buhl, who has worked with brand GOSH in the past, explains that if you’re face isn’t fierce, than the rest of your make-up may fall flat.

“Skin needs to be perfect and not just ‘I tried’,” Pernille explained to Cover Media. “But really work with it. You really need to do it because if you don't know how to do skin then it really doesn't matter if you can do an eye. Nothing is going to look its best if you don't know how to do skin.”

First things first, Pernille implores make-up lovers to get the colour match right. Her top tip is to go for “cold and natural” shades”.

“Because if you go a little bit too warm in the colours, it tends to go red on the skin and then it looks a bit like dirt instead of a nice shade,” she advised. “You don't want dirt on your face. But having quite a cold colour and blending will make for the perfect base. Blending, blending!

“I tend to teach people how to shape their face because then you don't need as much (foundation) as you would if you don't know how to do it.”

Next is how you apply your foundation. For Pernille there is no better tool than her fingers, which she uses to do the all important blending stage.

“When you add something to your skin your skin has a temperature and you need the product to be that temperature to really combine with the skin,” she said of using her fingers. “The process is faster if you use your fingers, because you need to warm the product up eventually.”

The make-up master is also a big fan of contouring and highlighting, which she claims go “hand in hand”.

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