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Get the perfect look in minutes with these easy hair hacks

Get the perfect look in minutes with these easy hair hacks

Getting perfect hair is often a time-consuming and stressful process. But did you know there are a host of easy hair hacks out there that will allow you to get a flawless look in minutes? We run through our favourite tips from the experts.

Plait and straighten for waves

You’ve probably been using your straighteners to get sleek hair or maybe even experiment with curling. But you can also easily use them to get sexy, beachy waves, as Karen Thomson, Owner and Director of Kam Hair and Body Spa in Lossiemouth, explains to Cover Media.

“Divide your hair into equal sections, braid each of the sections as tightly as you can and tie at the bottom with a hair tie,” Karen said. “Next, spray each braid with heat protection spray before running straighteners over each braid.

“Let your hair cool down and take all the braids out – do not brush your hair! If you want to loosen the crimp slightly, gently run your fingers through the hair.”

Get a gorgeous sleek ponytail

It can be tough to get a lump and bump free finish on the simple pony, so how do celebrities manage it? Joanna Williamson, Director of Styling and Education at aer Blowdry Bar told Cover Media: “Get two hair grips and place them either side of your hair band, grip the pin at the side of the pony and twist around the hair band with the other grip, then grip in to secure.”

Straighten and brush at the same time

Straightening brushes first emerged in Japan and are now proving very popular after coming to our shores, with fans raving about their ability to leave you with super straight hair in a matter of seconds. Give DAFNI’s straightening brush a go; this ceramic brush heats to an optimal 185 degrees C/365 degrees F and the evenly spaced bristles glide through your hair without tugging or pulling, creating frizz-free strands fast.

Faux fringe

If you want to take the plunge and get bangs but are too scared to do so, then why not see if the look suits you first off by trying out a faux fringe? Pete Burkill from the HOB Creative Team explains: “Start by putting your hair in a high ponytail. Halve the pony, and pull the front length to your desired fringe length, securing it with bobby pins by the elastic, creating a little bun.

“Wrap the other half around the bun and secure with more bobby pins. Use your straightening irons to smooth over the fringe, creating the slight bevel.”

Banish the oil and get body too

aer Blowdry Bar’s Joanna Williamson has a clever tip for what to do if you’re suffering from oily roots. “If you are having a bad hair day, backcomb your roots, and switch your parting,” she said. “Not only will your hair look fresh all day it will also have body.”

Moisturise while working out

HOB’s Peter has a good idea for those of us with dry locks – pop on a hair conditioning treatment before heading to the gym to get the optimum effect. “Let’s face it, none of us look our most glam on the treadmill anyway,” he smiled.

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