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Get sunshine ready

Get sunshine ready

Dresses - check. Sandals - check. Sun hat - check; you've got your summer wardrobe sorted, but is the rest of you ready for the warmer weather? Your exercise regime and diet may already be in full swing, however you may be forgetting to do some important preparations to get your skin and hair ready for the sun.

Here's some useful tips you can draw upon when prepping to look fabulous for the new season.

The first point of call is exfoliating; if you're going to show off your lean physique, make sure the surface does it justice! Start early if you know you have a holiday, or lots of outdoor parties and picnics, coming up. Rather than going straight in with the scrubs, start with a dry brush to buff your skin as the dry skin will fall off easier when it isn't wet. Move in an upwards motion, then rinse off the excess in a cool shower - hot water will irritate the new skin cells that have been unveiled.

Then use an exfoliating glove with a good granulated body wash to clean and remove any lingering bits.

Your hair can be prepped too, with extra moisture to prevent it from drying out too much. Invest in some nourishing treatments like restorative or hydrating masks and use a couple of times a week before you sit in the sun, jump in the pool or swim in the sea. You may want to get a trim too as split ends show more when your tresses are full of chlorine or salt - not a good look!

Feet can be given some TLC before you slip them into sandals as well with either a stop by the salon or an at-home pedicure. A good nail file will get things in shape, while a foot file will graze off hard, dry skin for a soft finish. Layer up on the polishes - base, varnish and top coat - and slick on some moisturiser under some socks to let the cream soak in, overnight if you can.

Lastly, none of these efforts will pay off if you miss a spot while getting rid of body hair. Legs, underarms and bikini lines are all areas which women work hard to keep neat when summer arrives, with waxing, shaving and hair removal cream popular methods. Or, if you know your skin flares up after such methods, perhaps bleaching the hairs could be the answer. The sun naturally lightens them but before then there are products like Jolen Creme Bleach or Veet Hair Lightening Cream.

Remember SPF, don't spend too long out in the sun, and you're bound to enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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