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Get stuck into skin tapping

Get stuck into skin tapping

You may not think simply tapping your face will make a difference on your appearance, but we're here to tell you you're wrong. This method may strike some as odd but it's a great option to look more youthful without taking invasive measures.

Emma Leslie, editor of website Escentual, has given us the lowdown on where to begin with trying this tactic out.

"Skin tapping is one of the most effective ways to get the circulation going on the face which can help your complexion to glow as well as strengthening the skin," she explains to Cover Media. "The best way is to incorporate skin tapping into your evening cleansing routine as doing it daily will make the biggest difference and help to make your skin look the freshest."

Now we don't feel as threatened, we can move onto the actual process. Emma advises not to be too gentle or too firm, and that the tapping should feel comfortable. Each tap should have the same amount of energy put into it and to ensure you get it right, try testing it out on a surface first - there should be enough pressure to create a sound.

"Use the fleshiest parts of your index and middle finger tips, and tap around 10 times working outwards on your face," Emma added. "Draw out from your eyebrows towards your ears, from the middle of your chin out to your earlobes and then from the inner corner of your eyes out towards your cheekbones."

You'll know you've gone about it the right way when you feel a buzzing sensation or tingle in the area afterwards. Note this shouldn't hurt, but be prominent enough for you to notice it. Results won't appear straight away so be patient - a few weeks should do the trick!

Tapping can also be used to relieve physical pain - just make sure you seek an expert's advice when tackling this method though.

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