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Get shattered glass nails

Get shattered glass nails

Shattered glass nails is the latest trend to take the beauty world by storm and with the striking finish, we can understand why. While it may look complicated to create, it's not actually that difficult. Here we've set out easy steps for you to follow in order to achieve that beautiful broken facade.

1) Apply a layer of your best base coat to protect your nail from the layering to come

2) Depending on what finish you want, choose a shade of polish. If you want a pretty, feminine feel we suggest a baby pink or pearl colour. For a dramatic and dangerous vibe, darker tones such as navy, burgundy or navy will work a treat

3) Add a thin layer of top coat and allow it to dry to the point where it is still slightly sticky

4) Cut out small triangles of aluminium foil or iridescent cellophane, depending on the finish you want, which look like shards of glass

5) Using tweezers, pick up and place the cut outs onto your nail in whichever arrangement takes your fancy. Depending on how shattered you want your nails to look, add more cut outs, and make sure they rest flat by gently pushing down a cotton wool tip. This is where the top coat being slightly damp will come in handy as the topping will stick better

6) After letting the shards sit for a few minutes, add another layer of top coat to seal everything and give an extra shimmery touch.

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