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Game changers

Game changers

Double duty cosmetics and multi taskers are make-up godsends, and there’s not a lady among us who doesn’t own at least one product that can be used in two ways. However, there’s a new wave of grooming goodies making their way onto shelves which are changing the beauty game forever. We look at the top game changers in the world of make-up.

Satin to matte lipstick

Some people hate matte lips, while others relish in their opaque loveliness. If you’re someone who likes to dabble here and there, invest in Saturated Colour Cosmetics’ new Make Me Matte, an innovative stick that turns lipstick from satin to matte. It’s totally affordable and allows you to switch your favourite colours up without having to buy another version of the lipstick. Keep one in your handbag for an instant make-up revamp anytime, anywhere.

Foundation shifter

Getting a lovely holiday glow is all well and good, until you get home and can no longer match your foundation colour with your face. Well help is at hand, with The Body Shop’s Shade Adjusting Drops. On offer are two shades; lightening and darkening, with each drop shifting the shade by half. They’re also great if you can never find your exact match when perusing the foundation aisles at your local beauty counter. These two lovelies help to turn an almost there shade into the perfect one in a matter of seconds.

One hour tan

Yes you read right, no more going to bed stinking of fake tan with Bondi Sands’ Self Tanning Foam. See you later orange sheets! This fuss free formula glides on easily, and following being topped up 30 minutes after the first application, it can be rinsed off after an hour. And don’t worry about seeing your lovely tan disappearing down the plughole; this really does stay put for days after applying. The coconut scent is also a bonus.

Big hair on the go

Hair care masters TIGI have recently launched the new Bed Head Fully Loaded line, which allows you to zhoosh up hair hours after styling it. It’s all thanks to the new Uploader technology, which forms micro-points on the hair fibre, creating friction which allows you to get more control with a brush when blow-drying. This in turn creates more volume, but doesn’t leave you with a heavy product feel. Uploader also gives your hair “volume memory”, which is the really clever bit. Bonds are formed between the fibres which, when broken, can be reformed – just like a post-it note! So basically when hair starts to drop, a quick push with your fingers will reawaken the volume, rebuilding the just blow-dried shape. Magic, huh?

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