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From make-up to moisturisers; this year's new multitaskers

From make-up to moisturisers; this year's new multitaskers

There are rafts of lipsticks that promise to double up as blushers around, and we've all heard of those all-in-one sticks that work on eyes, lips and cheeks. But a new kind of product is multi-tasking in a wholly different way. These are moisturiser, serums and perfumes which promise to help solve issues rather than just masking them, in what is becoming one of the biggest beauty trends of 2015.


It's not enough to layer on cosmetics in the hope they'll cover up our problem areas, these days we want more. For example, Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser works to brighten the under eye area but also corrects dark circles and keep the area moisturised. Also of note is the Perricone MD No Makeup Makeup range. The idea here is to breach the gap between skincare and cosmetics, so the foundation, blush, bronzer and concealer formulas are all very light and have anti-ageing ingredients within them - as well as masking any fine lines it'll stop you getting new ones, plus they have high levels of SPF.

New from Emma Hardie is the Protect and Prime SPF30, which is part primer and part suncare. As well as evening out tone, blurring lines and prepping the skin for make-up, you get eight hours of protection from UVA and UVB rays. This is the one for you if you dislike layering on multiple products.


Obviously the point of these products is to help with whatever skin concern you have, whether that's dehydration, oiliness or anti-ageing. But the hyped up versions do something on top of this, such as protecting the skin from external aggressors, meaning that as well as helping with any issues you already have they'll protect you from developing new ones. A case in point is the new Zelens Intense Defence Antioxidant Serum, which has a mix of antioxidants in it to help fight free radicals. It effectively puts up a barrier over your skin to stop them attacking, which means the texture of your skin will improve. It promotes natural collagen production which will leave your face supple and plumped, helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and also gives a big shot of hydration.


Although most women use one of these daily, they sometimes get a bad rap. That's because they tend to sit on the surface of skin and help you feel more comfortable, but don't do that much more. Well, that's how it used to be but the new generation is turning that on its head. There are now many day time versions which contain SPF30 or more - the level you need to properly protect your skin. This saves you piling on lots of different products which can suffocate your skin.

Dermalogica leads the way here with its Pure Light range. Pure Light SPF50 is the day cream which helps with dehydration lines, uneven skin tone as well as having a super-high SPF. Pure Night is its counterpart and works on dark spots as you sleep, as well as moisturising.


Fragrance has got interesting this year, with a new trend for versions which offer more than just a nice smell. While scent is vital, some brands are also focusing on overall wellbeing. Valeur Absolue leads the way with a range of scents which were created for certain moods. So if you have a busy day ahead which you know might be stressful perhaps you'll spritz on some Sérénitude, designed to help you feel calm. Or if you need to amp things up for a big business meeting, Confiance could be the one for you - the blend of cloves, cinnamon, amber and cedarwood instantly help you feel in control.

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