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Fragrance to boost your mood

Fragrance to boost your mood

When it comes to picking your perfume, it's likely you have a signature scent. Maybe you opt for a lighter fragrance in the day and something heavier come night time, but you still have your trusted favourites. Well why not choose your perfume like you do your outfits? When selecting your clothes for the day ahead they can be plan dependant, weather dependent and most defiantly mood dependant. But your mood can also effect which perfume you choose, so says Valeur Absolue.

"People don't want to be in one bubble, we want to be everything. We are multifaceted today, we keep adding dimensions to our life without removing any," Valeur Absolue's creator Bénédicte Foucart told Cover Media.

"We want to be as multifaceted as a woman is. Our ambition is to bring more smile into our life. It's fantastic to be a woman today, but it's a challenge to manage all the dimensions and not feel guilty or overwhelmed."

Quickly realising something was missing from the perfume market, Bénédicte sought to fill that gap. Rather than targeting only one age group (with the use of striking women who grace current perfume campaigns), Valeur Absolue seek to offer a scent for all women.

"What about adding another dimension to fragrance? So it would make our life a little bit easier. The inspiration comes from the French perfumery and the history of fragrance," Bénédicte explained.

"Skin can help create and boost endorphins, so we put in our fragrance specific ingredients that helps liberate them. So when you spray on your skin you get the endorphins. Essential oils have been selected to help uplift your mood or calm you down. It's a concentration of all the research and creativity."

Whether you need something to help you relax or a mood uplift, look no further than your perfume.

Bucking with the trend of smelling good but doing little else for your wellbeing, Valeur Absolue have introduced two new fragrances to their current collection with another coming out later this year.


The idea behind Sérénitude is to just let go. If you need something to help soothe and relax you then the woody and floral notes of this perfume will do just that. The addition of relaxing sandalwood, rose and bergamot will help ease away tension and amazonite stones, known for serenity, also float in the bottle.

Carven's Ma Griffe scent hits the same notes of sandalwood, rose and bergamot so is another good choice.


Using the "magical" properties of vanilla, Confiance will pep you up ahead of a big meeting, date or when you know the day may be tough. The smell isn't too sweet though, with the addition of spices, cloves and cinnamon balancing it out to a mellow scent. The stone in this bottle is carnelian, known for its properties to restore vitality and motivation.

Thierry Mugler's most iconic scent Angel is also infused with Vanilla notes and is packed full of sandalwood too.


The fresh notes of citrus fruits in Vitality will instantly perk you up. Whether you had a late night or just need to be boosted in the morning, this is the perfume for you. The bottle has a cluster of peridot stones in, which legend says have the energy of the sun inside. Vitality will hit shelves later this year.

Citrus smells make their way into numerous perfumes including Sporty Citrus by Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana's famous Light Blue.

So whatever you need when you wake up, reach for your perfume to help get you there.

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