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For the love of liner

For the love of liner

Are you brow obsessed? Or maybe you love lips. Either way, it's time to eye up some new make-up... get ready to fall back in love with eyeliner!

Bourjois make-up artist Attracta Courtney can normally be found backstage at London Fashion Week, so knows exactly what the hottest trends sashaying off the catwalk are.

"Eyeliner is very much about the floating eyeliner at the moment," she told Cover Media. "It's taking the traditional eyeliner from the 60s - that feline flick will always be standout statement in make-up, but I think young girls today want to make it more of their own story and more urban."

And how exactly are we making this make-up staple our own? With lots of kohl along the inner lash line.

"It just gives it more of an urban edge. Or broken-up eyeliner, which can be literally near to your eyelashes, or you can have the floating eyeliner into the creases in the eye, which I did Autumn/Winter 15 for Felder Felder.

"The feline flick is great, but it's nice to make your own statement. Or you take off the flick and you create it as a blunt feeling."

Broken eyeliner is a model-worthy look, and makes a real statement. It will also give you an updated eye look in seconds, and looks fun in bold colours as well as a classic black.

"If you put it on the bottom line, you can just create space in the middle so that it's kind of coming out, space, then starting again. It's just a bit more of a graphicness going on and making it more modern," Attracta advised.

If broken eyeliner doesn't sound like your bag, then give floating a go. Not sure what that is? Fear not; it's just as it sounds. Instead of lining your eyelid where it meets your lash line, aim a little higher and draw across there.

"When you look in the mirror directly, you will see where your eye naturally creases. You just go slightly above that, so when your eyes open and close, we can see the eyeliner because you can actually lose it very clearly. Literally with a pointed pencil or brush, you can draw it out with an eyeshadow then perfect it with an eyeliner," Attracta explained.

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