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Flawless and flake free: Best foundations for dry skin

Flawless and flake free: Best foundations for dry skin

If you have dry skin, there’s nothing worse than trying to layer on foundation to conceal it and ending up with an even more noticeable, flaky complexion. While a good skincare regime, including cleansing and regular exfoliating, is vital to managing dry skin, the foundation you choose is also incredibly important. If you go for a matte finish stick foundation for example, you are only going to exacerbate your flakiness. Instead, go for a liquid-based foundation. Make-up artist and Odette beauty boutique owner Paige Sinnott recommends Daniel Sandler’s Radiance Foundation and Concealer – a lightweight but effective liquid foundation infused with vitamins A, C and E to help skin repair and renewal. It also ensures the complexion is evened out and given a radiant glow, without being too heavy a formula. And the bonus is that it even has a matching concealer under the lid – so one little bottle of this is all you need!

If you need more coverage than Daniel Sandler’s option can offer, Paige tells Cover Media that a light layer of powder over the top is the perfect way to finish it off. “It will stop the cakey and flakey look and will not dry out your skin,” she said.

Another good foundation option is Oxygenetix, which claims to be the world’s most breathable foundation. Its unique selling point is that is doesn’t shield the skin so much that oxygen can’t get through to the pore, and results in you feeling as though you aren’t wearing any foundation. It also doesn’t rub off on clothing and is water resistant – bonus!

The way you apply your foundation is also very important to ensure a flake-free finish. While make-up artists often use brushes to apply foundation, Paige recommends using a sponge like the cult product Beautyblender to “allow the foundation to sink into your skin rather then sit on top.”

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