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Flash your faux braid

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Flash your faux braid

Braiding hair isn't an easy feat and those who struggle to tame tresses may feel too intimidated to try. However, there is an easier option: fake it. A faux braid takes less time and effort to create, and will look just as fab as a real one. We'll take you through the process step by step.

1. You begin with the humble ponytail. Where you place it is important as you want the braid to fall down below your shoulder, so using a neutral coloured elastic secure a low ponytail towards your preferred side of the face.

2. Taking a piece of hair, gently twist it around your ponytail and tie it as a single ponytail. Then take another piece of hair and attach it to the first single knot, forming a twist-like look.

3. Repeat this action down the length of your ponytail, adding extra sections of hair if you fancy it to give it more braid-like look. If you have thick hair it won't take much to make it look the part, but if your tresses are fine, try adding thicker sections when forming the knots to give volume.

4. When you reach the bottom, leave a bit of hair at the end and fasten with a similar hair elastic to keep things in place.

You can also use this method to create faux plaits through your hair if you feel confident enough. In this case though avoid using an elastic at the top as it will make it look too obvious rather than the natural look you're going for.

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