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Find your perfect face wash

Find your perfect face wash

Next time you need to grab yourself a face wash, take note of this article! We’re here to take you through the different types on the shelves and the pros and cons each of them present.


The humble scrub is best for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, leaving you with a clearer complexion afterwards. It also helps fend off blemishes and clogged pores, problems caused by excessive build up of old skin.

However, they can leave you slightly sore if you scrub too hard and your product may well do the opposite of what you want it to by leaving sore, irritated patches. This is because the coarse particles found in scrubs can be quite abrasive, especially if your face wash contains acidic ingredients which can strip away valuable layers of your skin’s natural defences. It isn’t advised to scrub at your face too often if you want to get the benefits but avoid the possible negative results.


Foam is certainly the fluffiest way to clean your face and feels as light as a cloud when applied onto your hand and gently rubbed into your skin. The obvious benefits are that it feels soft when used, all the while cleaning the surface of your skin, and as many foams are cleansing too you can probably use it to remove your make-up as well.

On the downside, they don’t get as deep as their scrub counterparts. To really get the most out of a foam you may want to apply it to a brush and ever so gently scrub, or if using a motorised brush move for a minute around the face. It will remove more dirt without doing the damage a scrub could with its particles.

Bar of soap

You may not think to use a bar of soap on your face – after all, it seems like something best left for the body. But you actually can if you rub it into your hand first. Beauty experts have pointed out that many bars of soap lose the sodium hydroxide which makes it dodgy when they’re made, simply leaving soap molecules and moisturising glycerine. Hygiene arguments have been quashed too, as long as you rinse it afterwards and keep it on a clean soap dish.

But the downside is that it can leave skin dry and not nourish it enough, as the ingredients used to bind a bar of soap together give it a naturally higher pH level than other types of facial wash. This means you’re not gaining moisture, but actually losing it, while using a bar. If you use face cream after washing anyway, but you shouldn’t have to smother yourself with it.

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