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Festive facial hair

Festive facial hair

Christmas is clearly the season to impress, as a new study shows that's when men spend the most time on their facial hair.

Research commissioned by male grooming range Braun CruZer6 found that 55 per cent of guys switch up their stubble depending on the occasion. With 2,000 Brits quizzed, it emerged Christmas is when the pressure to look good is really piled on - 67 per cent even said it's the time they're most inclined to change their facial hair.

Almost half of the men questioned (46 per cent) also said they will be sporting a new look for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. Should that new look go wrong? A fifth of men won't be bothered, as they believe the long spell off work makes the perfect time for experimenting and testing new beard styles. A lazy 11 per cent also use the holidays as an excuse to give grooming a miss altogether.

Surprised it's not a higher number that slack off around this time of year? It could be in a bid to impress the ladies, as 40 per cent of women surveyed said they'd be less than pleased if their partner looked scruffy at Christmas. The hipster beard may still be having its moment, but 43 per cent of the women said they'd rather kiss well-groomed stubble or a goatee under the mistletoe.

Maybe that's why shavers are such a popular gift around this time of year - 35 per cent of women even admitted they had themselves in mind when they bought their partner one. It's not all about keeping the girls happy though, as 90 per cent of men said they would be happy finding an electric shaver under the tree and wouldn't feel inclined to return it.

So if you're still struggling to think of a gift for the men in your life, a shaver could be a safe option. With 32 per cent of men naming food getting caught in their beards their top inconvenience, 19 per cent finding their facial hair freezes in low temperatures and 16 per cent annoyed their beard doesn't let them wear roll necks, it should go down a treat with him!

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