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Festival hairstyles

Festival hairstyles

With the warmer weather now upon us, there is also an array of summer festivals to look forward to. Almost as important as the music on offer are the beauty and style trends. So if you're planning on heading to an event yourself, here are some ideas on how you can switch up your hair style and be a festival favourite.

The first look takes inspiration from Kate Bosworth's Coachella appearance. The actress sported a skinny braid down her parting, which marked a change from the usual ways of wearing a plait but was still in keeping with the star's boho chic style. To recreate it, start by taking a section of hair where you would normally have a centre parting. Start at the crown and plait towards your forehead and once you reach it, secure the braid with grips as close to the scalp as possible. Use the remaining bits as a way to frame your face by tucking them behind your ears, and to disguise the starting point copy Kate's messy little bun.

Another way to incorporate braids into your festival look is to copy Kendall Jenner. The model sported a series of mini braids through her tresses when she attended Coachella. The key to this look is not to be too precise, just plait thin sections of hair - they can be loose - and start part way up your hair or tight from the root, mix it up to add depth to the look. Tousle the rest of your hair to help them blend in naturally and make sure you have plenty of clear little elastic bands to secure the braids in place without being too obvious on the ends.

This look can then be incorporated into the next day's creation by copying a style from Stella McCartney's S/S15 runway. Her models had tiny sections of their hair crimped and then pulled back into a low ponytail, so the crimped sections stood out in stripes against the smoothness of the rest of their hair. While you can't exactly take a pair of crimping irons with you to camp, sleep in the little plaits that you wore for the Kendall look and the next day your hair should be nicely crimped.

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