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Festival favourites: Women's

Festival favourites: Women's

Festivals aren't just about the music, they're also a great time to experiment with your style and try out bold beauty looks you might not normally dare to. But it's not all glitz and glamour, thanks to the inevitable mud and distinct lack of showers. So which festival essentials should every girl be slinging into her backpack? We've rounded them up so all you need to worry about now is a pair of wellies and a tent!

Your manicure might look fresh, but we bet the underneath of your nails are telling a different story. With all the germs that lurk at festivals (one word: Portaloos), it's not surprising they catch under your nails. Firstly, make sure you have a packet of antibacterial wipes or a bottle of hand sanitiser on you at all times. Secondly, get your hands on a Bruzz Nail Brush. It eliminates 99 per cent of bacteria lurking underneath nails and fingers and imparts a lovely vanilla scent to ensure your hands smell and look clean.

If you've barely got time to wash your hands, it's unlikely you'll be rocking a fresh shampoo and blow dry every day either. This is where dry shampoos will save you by absorbing grease and dirt and hiding the fact your locks haven't seen water for days. If you also want to add some volume, try the Bouffe Hair Thickener. It's basically a blow dry in a can and will boost your hair at the roots.

Sweat is another concern at festivals, so long-lasting deodorants are an absolute must. Odaban antiperspirant will keep you dry and fresh, while blotting wipes will keep the sheen from your face. If you want a foundation that can handle the pressure, try Sheer Cover - it banishes shine while still letting your skin breathe.

But it's not just your face that needs attention: with the sun out (hopefully) you'll likely be thinking about putting your arms and legs on display. For toned arms and banishing bingo wings, there's nothing better than Transformulas' ArmLift. It's surgery in a bottle and will tone the skin, so you can literally put your arms in the air like you just don't care! For smooth legs, look no further than Wilkinson Sword's Hydro Silk razor. All you need is a drop of water and the bars above the blade release a nourishing balm that keeps your legs moisturised for up to two hours afterwards - perfect when on the go.

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