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Festival essentials for every man to look his best

Festival essentials for every man to look his best

Mud, rain and music – there’s nothing quite like a festival! If you’re packing up your tent and bracing yourself for Portaloos, you’re probably thinking about anything other than your beauty and skincare regime. While it might not be the first thing on your mind, hygiene is super important during the festival season. In a two-part series we bring you the festival essentials for boys and girls this season. This week: the boys.

The first thing you should be packing is your hand sanitiser.

As you know, Portaloos are one of the least hygienic places on earth, so you need to be prepared. With soap and water scarce, a handy bottle of sanitiser is light and easy to carry around at all times.

Next, let's get real: things are going to get sweaty. If you're packed into a tent with your mates and the sun is beaming down, things could soon take a turn for the smelly.

Try a long-lasting deodorant like Odaban, an antiperspirant which has proved the most useful for battling wetness and BO. There's also a foot powder, which can be worn in the shoes for seven to ten days pre-festival and then provides around six months of sweat protection - amazing if you're stuck in wellies all day long.

And speaking of wellies, they can be the perfect breeding ground for fungal nail infections.

Take steps to avoid this, such as changing out of wet socks as quickly as possible, then rinsing and drying feet fully before putting on a new pair. If you do end up with an infection, make sure you have Excilor's treatment pen on hand. It's easy to apply and will attack the fungus head on.

After days of little sleep and plenty of drinks, it's likely your face will betray the fact you've been burning the candle at both ends.

This is where you need a moisturiser to restore a glow to your complexion.

Try Rehab London Morning Glory, which eradicates fatigue and perks up sallow skin in ten minutes.