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Feel good feet

Feel good feet

So much focus is put on making sure your hair looks great and your make-up stays in place when the weather is warm, but do you give any thought to your poor feet? The hotter it gets, the more prone to problems your skin is, especially if your feet are covered up all day.

To save yourself any incidents where you're too embarrassed to get your toes out, you can start making changes now.

The staggering truth is that a young adult's foot can produce up to an egg cup of sweat on a sunny summer's day, which The College of Podiatry discovered through a study. It was also noted that feet swell when they're hot, and they can get flatter as you get older, so the more TLC you give them the better!

One way in which you can look after your tootsies is by letting them breathe as much as possible - wear open sandals when you can in the summer or if you do wear socks or trainers, take the time to change them at least once throughout the day. That way your skin can have a breather and not be trapped in sweat-soaked shoes. This also causes odor, which is in part due to the type of shoe you wear. Make sure you use a good soap when scrubbing your feet at the end of the day. Blisters are a pain in the heat and the more your shoes rub, the more sore they become. As many people already do, it's best to wear new shoes in slightly before taking your first steps out and about in them. Foot balm can help keep your skin smooth and protect against chaffing, but if you do get a blister don't pop it - wait until it bursts naturally and make sure it's covered by a plaster. It's also recommended to add antiseptic to the spot.

Dry skin is common when your feet are exposed to more dust and dirt when in sandals, and cracked heels can be painful if left for too long. In this case the best treatment is a good slick of moisturizer on the dry skin and to get rid of any hard bits of skin, pumice stones or foot files are a gentle way to go about this.

And then there are toenails - they're prone to all sorts of problems, but ingrown nails is one most can relate to. Using nail cutters and snipping straight across should prevent any discomfort and just make sure you don't cut too close at the edge and side.

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