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Feel fresh with home facial

Feel fresh with home facial

January and February can be tough months - you've spent all your money on Christmas presents and parties and are probably still feeling a bit dazed after all that food and drink. But now a fresh season is in sight and it's time to turn over a new leaf. Rather than do something boring like spring clean, why not treat yourself to an at-home facial?

Even if you're a big fan of the beauty treatment but normally head to the salon, we can guarantee you'll fall in love with the DIY version. It means you can cater for your skin, won't risk coming in contact with ingredients that don't agree with you and will save a significant amount of money.

To set the scene, make sure you are in a relaxed environment where you won't be disturbed. Your bedroom or bathroom is perfect for this. You can also light some scented candles and put on some relaxing music for a meditative effect.

Next, make sure your skin is completely cleansed. You can use your usual product, but we recommend something gentle like Caudalie's Gentle Cleansing Milk. This is because a facial can be a bit of a long process, so you don't want to use invasive products and irritate your skin.

You probably know your skin fairly well by now, so for the exfoliation part it's best to use a peel or scrub you know you get on with. St. Ives has products for lots of different complexions, so it's worth checking out.

Next up is the steam, which is really easy to do at home. This process draws out impurities and will help your face feel extra cleansed. Just pour some boiling water into a plastic bowl, then add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. Place a towel over your head and hold your face over the bowl as far as is comfortable. Do this for about five to ten minutes.

Now it's time for the mask. Here it's important to pick one that's just right for your complexion. The Body Shop has a Vitamin E Moisture Mask, a Seaweed Clay Mask and many more. Ask a shop assistant if you're unsure what will work best for you. Once you've picked a product, apply as per the directions and relax while you leave it to work its magic for the amount of time stated on the label.

This is when your beautician would carry out a hand or foot massage to relax you, so do something indulgent like running yourself a foot soak or making a hot chocolate and putting on your favourite TV show.

When it's time to wash/peel off your mask, make sure you get every last bit. Then gently pat the skin dry - rubbing will irritate it, as it will be particularly sensitive after the treatment.

Next up, we recommend a serum. Garnier's UltraLift Complete Beauty is anti-ageing and leaves skin looking refreshed and smooth - but of course it's up to you and you can pick any you think is best for you.

Finally, give your complexion a moisture hit. As well as using your normal moisturiser, layer on some lip balm and eye cream and voilà - you'll be relaxed and fresh faced!

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