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False lash application made easy

False lash application made easy

The showbiz world is full of fake eyelashes; after all falsies and the A-list go hand in hand. But why is it that stars manage to have their lashes glued so immaculately, while the rest of us have to deal with flapping corners and glue that doesn't stick? Probably because they have an expert on hand. Luckily celebrity make-up artist Margo Holder ( is happy to share her top lash tips. With Kylie Minogue, Maisie Williams and Nicole Scherzinger just three of her clients, we're all ears (and eyes!).

"To apply perfect lashes, first we need to measure the lashes and if required cut them to eye size. After applying glue wait 30 seconds for the glue to set. Next apply lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible," Margo told Cover Media.

"If you are finding it difficult to apply lashes perfectly on the lash line then draw a line first to avoid a visible gap between your natural lashes and the lashes you are applying."

Margo was on hand to advise at the recent launch of Eylure's newest collection. The hero eyelash brand has teamed up with vlogger Fleur De Force on a new four-piece line which includes dramatic, natural, individual and corner lashes.

Different lashes suit different eye shapes, so don't be scared to give them another go if you weren't impressed when you last tried.

When it comes to smooth application Margo lists some more tips.

"To stop any flapping, apply extra glue on the corners of the lashes. If it flaps once lashes are applied, remove a small section of the lashes and reapply with the unsharp end of tweezers and a bit of glue, wait a few seconds and reapply the corner.

"Using tweezers makes the application easier and helps to position the lashes," she advised.

And on the glue side of things, is it better to wait for the white stuff to turn clear or just get them on straight away?

"You should wait about 30 seconds for glue to dry," Margo recommended.

"I like to use black glue to apply individual lashes. Using tweezers you place them on the lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible."

And good news ladies, Margo insists lashes can be reused four to five times before you need a new set. Just don't apply mascara over them to keep them in top condition and peel the glue off after every use.

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