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Faking freckles

Faking freckles

Freckles look more than cute in the summer months, with stars such as Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan all boasting freckled complexions. But as they are a sign of sun exposure, craving freckles can be somewhat dangerous.

“Ephelides, or freckles as they're most commonly known, are small harmless flat brown marks affecting areas of the skin which experience sun exposure,” skincare expert Elizabeth Rimmer (Dip, BSc, MSc), Director of London Professional Aesthetics, a skin rejuvenation clinic in London, told Cover Media. “Whilst mainly occurring in fair skin types, they can also be found on people with a variety of skin tones.

“Freckles tend to look darker and more prominent in the summer months due to sun exposure and UVB radiation making them look more apparent. They then tend to fade in the winter months, unlike lentigines or age spots which are often larger in size and more defined around the edges.”

However, more and more people are faking it when it comes to freckles, and it’s easier to do than you may think.

An eyebrow pencil is the easiest way to dot on freckles for a temporary way of embracing the trend. We love Mary Kay’s Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette, with the creamy waterproof formula ideal for creating fake freckles as the consistency means it allows for a smooth application. The light brown colour is also perfect for creating realistic looking falsies.

Or you can go for something a bit more long-lasting and go down the semi-permanent make-up route.

“If you are interested in semi-permanent make-up, do your research,” Elizabeth warned. “Do not be swayed by offers of cheap treatments as they will likely result in sub standard results. Although these are not permanent tattoos, they can last a long time and be costly to undo.”

And lastly, never expose yourself to the sun with the aim of achieving a freckled look.

“That’s a very bad idea,” Elizabeth continued. “You will run the risk of all of the unwanted effects of sun exposure and put yourself at risk of premature ageing and developing age spots later in life.”

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