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Facial series: The AJ method

Facial series: The AJ method

Continuing on with our facial series, we've tracked down one that can't be defined to a single box. Super facialist Abigail James (, who works as Liz Earle's Global treatment Ambassador, understands that each of her clients has different needs, therefore she has created her own AJ Method. The technique is completely unique to the individual, and will give each person different results.   

"The AJ Method is about treating each client as an individual, working with their ethos and skin goals, combining natural and professional grade ingredients with specific massage methods, which I've developed over years. Sometimes incorporating clinically advanced technology to get the best results in as natural a way as possible. With lifestyle and health advice to get the best out of their skin," she explained to Cover Media.

"I've spent years learning, practicing and seeing what works so it's been an evolving method combining many aspects."

Abigail has over ten years' worth of knowledge behind her and combines nature, wellbeing, science and advanced technology when consulting a client's skin care needs.

"This method really suits everyone," she enthused. "From someone wanting a deep cleanse to another wanting to age well, there is something to suit everyone."

Having regular facials is a key aspect of maintain a youthful complexion, and Abigail says people should ideally be indulging every four to eight weeks.  

"I have proven on my own skin as well as that of clients how regular facials make a huge difference," she smiled. 

So next time you consider treating yourself to a facial, think about finding out what your skin actually needs rather than going for what's on offer. A little digging and you can come up with the ideal treatment. 

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