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Facial Series: Master the at-home facial

Facial Series: Master the at-home facial

Obviously the dream is to have glowing, dewy skin thanks to hours spent at facials each week. But realistically, who has the time or money for that? Treatments tend to be more of an indulgence, something we splurge on when we're feeling the need for some luxury in our lives.

But what if you could give yourself one at home? Obviously nothing beats an hour spent relaxing while someone pampers you, but mastering the art of facial massage will mean you can get a little of that vibe in your own bathroom - plus your skin will thank you for it.

"I believe that the best way to give yourself a truly indulgent at-home facial is to incorporate facial massage into your cleansing routine, give yourself around half an hour to really energise and relax your facial tissue," renowned facialist Emma Hardie explained to Cover Media.

Emma's signature is the Natural Lift and Shaping Facial, which helps firm and plump skin without using anything harsh or invasive. It works by rubbing skin in lines, to echo the linear structure of the muscles, collagen, fibre and tissue beneath the skin's surface. The idea is to work with the lymphatic drainage system to get rid of fluid, so it's good at smoothing out lines.

Emma uses an oil-based cleanser which she warms by rubbing her hands together, then placing them on her face for ten seconds. Next it's time for the massage and to start, you should work on the eye area.

"Firmly pinch the skin and muscle of the eyebrow, from the bridge of your nose to the outside corner of your eyebrow. Hold each pinch for a count of three and in your mind's eye, see and feel your eyebrow relaxing. Repeat three times. Now repeat this to the skin and muscle of the lower eye area and upper cheek. Pinch and hold from the sides of your nose to the outside corner of your eye," she advised.

Next, massage the cheeks. Again you'll use a pinching motion, putting your thumb below the cheekbone and two fingers on top. Start at the corner of your nose and gradually do the motion up your cheekbone, towards the outer part of your face. Hold each pinch for a count of three and repeat three times.

"To help improve and firm the jaw area, repeat the cheek routine to the jaw bone," Emma advised. "Work with both hands from the centre of the jaw outwards moving in lines, not circles, finishing under the ears. Top Tip: for both the cheek and the jaw, press the thumb firmly in an upward direction.

"Finally, don’t neglect the neck area - to help tone the neck, firmly pinch the skin and muscle using the whole length of your thumb and second finger. Do this all over for one minute."

If the routine is too much to follow every night, try briefly pinching your facial tissue between your thumb and index finger, particularly across your cheeks and jaw. It's a quick fix which will leave you with glowing skin.

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