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Face washing 101

Face washing 101

Washing your face at the end of the day becomes a habit you don’t think much about. By the time you’re getting ready for bed, you go on autopilot and go through the usual steps. But washing away the make-up, dirt, and oil you accumulate during the day should be a top priority for healthy skin, and not just an afterthought. In fact, most of us are probably not even cleaning our face as well as we could, so here are a few ways to change up your nightly routine and get one step closer to flawless skin.

First off, remove your make-up before your wash your face. Most products are meant to last as long as possible, so using just a cleanser won’t get rid of things like concealer or foundation completely. Use a cleansing oil, oil-based cream, or cleansing wipes to remove the stubborn product from your face.

Then rinse with lukewarm water, not very hot or very cold. Using one of those extreme temperatures can cause irritation, excess dryness or even blood vessel ruptures. Keep it at a medium temperature to make sure your face is completely clean and clear.

Follow that up with a cleanser, specifically one suited to your needs. Average skin types will be fine with a mild cleanser, but for those with greasy skin, pick a product with an acne-fighting ingredient such as salicylic acid, which can help control oil production. Cream cleansers work great on dry skin, since it washes without over-drying.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to vigorously clean your face until your skin is raw. Let the face wash do its job, and gently massage it in. Overdoing it could lead to even more problems and potentially damage skin.

When done with cleansing, use a clean towel to pat your face dry. This is a step a lot of people look over, but integral to the whole process. Using a towel that is either dirty or the same one you use on your body can spread bacteria and lead to more breakouts.

The last product you need is a good moisturiser. Look for versions that are oil-free, or contain rice protein, which help to absorb the natural oils in your skin and lock in hydration.

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