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Face mapping spots: what do your blemishes mean?

Face mapping spots: what do your blemishes mean?

Bad skin can be extremely irritating, both mentally and physically. It can knock your confidence and be frustrating when all those treatments and products just don't work.

Some people believe that spots on certain parts of the body mean specific things and knowing why you are breaking out in those areas could therefore be the key to treating the issue.

Cosmetic doctor Dr Terry Loong helped Cover Media gain some insight by revealing the internal issues that could show on your skin.


If you're dealing with spots on your upper forehead, this could be down to toxicity in the large intestine. Combat it by consuming food rich in antioxidants, increasing your fibre intake and generally switching to an alkaline diet. If your lower forehead is the issue, an irregular sleeping pattern or mental unrest could be to blame. Try breathing exercises and activities that relax you (yoga, meditation, having a massage) and going to bed before 11pm.


Is your nose always covered in spots? It could be due to heart issues, high blood pressure or stress. Breathing exercises and yoga might be the key, as is getting enough sleep.


If breakouts are around your eyebrows, it's usually liver-focused. Drinking too much alcohol and eating too much fat are the main culprits here, so try to cut down or even cut out booze and greasy food. Drinking a lot of water also helps.


Spots around your eyes could point to kidney problems relating to a lack of water or too much salt. Drink at least two litres of water a day and cut down your salt intake.


Blemishes here are lung focused, meaning you're too exposed to pollution or smoke. If you're a smoker, ban the cigarettes and keep away from areas where others are smoking. It could also be down to bacteria on your phone, so give your mobile a wipe before use.


Breakouts here often come with poor digestion and other stomach issues, so try upping your fibre intake and eating slowly. It could also be hormonal, so take in antioxidants, drink green tea and hit the yoga for calming breathing exercises.

Dr Anita Sturnham, NURISS Skincare & Wellness Clinic, also had a view on spots cropping up in certain areas.

"Absolutely, acne on the chin, jaw line and cheeks is particularly linked to hormones and this is why women in particular suffer flare ups in these areas around their menstrual cycle," she explained.

"If you are female and happen to be on birth control, or have recently stopped birth control, this is the first place to look for the cause. A high level of progesterone often leads to chin acne breakouts."

If your spots are really getting you down and nothing is helping to tackle them, head to your doctor for a thorough examination and potential treatment.

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