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Eyeliner just got stylish

Eyeliner just got stylish

From rimming your eyes with kohl as a youngster to finally mastering the perfect cat eye, eyeliner has always featured in women’s make-up evolution.

In past seasons we’ve seen graphic liner come and go, as well colour varieties. But a classic black is always on trend, with MAC’s artistic director Terry Barber explaining why we’re still so in love with liner.

“This idea of doing frames in make-up which are invisible or they look aged, or old, or look a bit last night, or three weeks ago... I think is a big thing for women at the moment,” he told Cover Media. “Because I think that's what makes them feel stylish, that's what makes them feel effortless, chic. Sometimes fully applied perfection is not what makes a woman feel sexy. That's just a mannequin. Women are thinking about reality.”

And for Terry the trend for eyeliner has gone back to simply hugging the eye. Stars like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung would never be caught without a slick of liner, and Terry says that’s all because it frames the eye without being overpowering.

“There’s this idea of very typed eyeliner. Eyeliner is in a place at the moment of this eye hugging the eye line,” he explained. “A woman framing her eye with something that doesn't look like make-up. It could be black dotted in between the lashes and pushed in with a brush so she gets that very cool, invisible frame on the eye.”

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