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Eyeliner hacks

Eyeliner hacks

Black eyeliner is a staple in most women's make-up bags, but are you applying it properly? Sloppy application can lead to smudging and fading so it's worth following some expert tips.

DFMA founder, Davinia Fermi, is a pro at the cat eye and has lent her advice on an easy, effortless approach.

"Draw a very soft line at the base of your lashes; ensure it's the same depth along the line and don't worry about creating any swoop or flick just yet!" she explains. "Lightly mark a dot with a pencil where you want the height of your flick to me, and draw a straight line from this point to the outer corner of your eye. Draw a gradient line from the inner corner of your eye to the final point of where you previously marked your flick. Colour in the outline with your liner to complete the swoop effect."

And you're done!

Not sure which eyeliner to use? Lara Champion, make-up artist at Ken Picton, is an expert at what's what in the beauty world. She's detailed which option to use for your desired look.

"Kohl pencil is great for a soft but defined look and can easily be smudged further to create a smoky look with a smudge brush, and is probably considered the easier of the three to correct," she shared. "Gel liners are great to apply a fluid line with a very fine eyeliner brush to create a very precise line. Liquid liner will allow you to create a very dramatic eyeliner which can be thick, thin or winged at the outer edges. An Audrey Hepburn line is dramatic, classic and paired with a red lip can look stunning!"

Or you could even integrate two as Davinia suggested, using a pencil as a guide to help get a neat gel or liquid finish.

Don't want to fork out on another eyeliner? Warm the tip of your kohl liner with a lighter (be careful) and test the pencil on your hand to check its consistency and heat before using on your eyes.

If you want to make a dark colour really pop, use a pale shade eyeshadow as a base.

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