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Eye up new lash techniques

Eye up new lash techniques

There are some looks that just won't ever be in fashion and clumpy lashes is among them. While layers of mascara are needed to get that volume, overdo it and you'll end up with your lashes in lumps. Luckily we have some beauty hacks that mean you'll achieve the perfect lash look every single time.

Invest in a lash comb

Lash combs are relatively inexpensive and work wonders. Just use one after applying the first coat of mascara, when the lashes are still wet. Run it through from roots to ends until they're all completely separated.

Wipe your brush

Just think how many times your pump that mascara wand in and out of the tube. Each time air gets to it, it dries a little and clumps will form. Give it a good wipe before you apply to lashes, this will safeguard against the spider look effect.

Keep a clean wand on hand

If you're finding that wiping your mascara brush isn't doing the trick, buy a bag of clean, unused wands online. You can run it through your lashes after your mascara is all done, then just wipe it off and reuse next time.

Bend the wand

Mascara brushes come in all shapes and sizes these days, but many still aren't quite at the right angle to coat each lash perfectly. If you're feeling brave, bend the wand so it's perpendicular to the handle. Looks weird, but works amazingly. You'll just have to bend it back when you want it back in the tube.

Apply further coats on wet lashes

Don't wait until your lashes have dried to apply the next coat. This is when the clumps start forming, as it's hard to move the brush through dry lashes. You need to be super speedy, so dedicate enough time to application and don't get distracted between coats!

Hold the brush vertically

Most people apply mascara horizontally, which is great if you want thick lashes. But if you want a totally natural, clump-free look, try holding the wand vertically while applying. Trust us - it works!

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