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Experts warn against major make-up mistakes

Experts warn against major make-up mistakes

No matter how hard we try, we all get make-up wrong at some point. Try to think about the worse beauty looks you've seen and it'll usually be fake tan disasters which spring to mind, but according to a group of professionals there is a much more pressing error at hand: eyebrows.

"Instagram brows need to go!" make-up artist Lauren Alice laughed to Cover Media. "Keep your brows looking natural and not too harsh. A light pencil and some clear brow gel is the way to go."

This was backed up by Rupert Kingston, the co-founder of delilah cosmetics. His pet hate are brows which have been squared off on the inside because they always look so harsh.

"Overly drawn in eye brows are a look that should be retired, it's so harsh and overpowering," an Airbase Makeup expert agreed. "Nothing is worse than seeing someone's face overwhelmed by a harshly drawn in eyebrow! Strong brows can be naturally achieved with brow powders and fine-point pencils to draw in individual hairs."

London MakeUp School Manager Beth Margetts is also anti the full-on brow trend, with the expert joking that any look which appears to have been created using a felt tip pen is probably not the way to go.

She's also bored of the contouring craze, suggesting it's time to go back to a more natural base. Our Airbase Makeup pro is in complete agreement, explaining the bronzer trend popularised by the Kardashian clan was never something which should have gone mainstream.

"I think the whole contouring 'trend' needs to stop, you never see these stripey, heavy looks on the runway or in editorial looks," she said. "The technique started in drag makeup to feminise masculine features and was never meant to be worn like it is on so many young girls today."

Lauren had one final tip for something which should be carefully watched for: "Badly matched foundation. I'd encourage anyone to look at a new foundation in natural light and compare it to the rest of your body. It's rare that your face will match your chest so take it all into consideration. If in doubt ask for a sample and try it out for the day."

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