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Experts reveal Next Big Things in skincare

Experts reveal Next Big Things in skincare

Pick up a magazine or switch on the TV and you're sure to find a brand new skincare launch beaming out at you. So many use quasi-scientific speak to back up their claims that it can be hard to know what works, or sometimes even what they're supposed to do. To help with this we spoke to two experts and asked what's worth buying into and where the hype is a step too far.

"There has certainly been an increase in ‘cell renewal’ products, targeting middle-aged consumers, as well as lifestyle-type products, eg. BB creams and night creams, that form part of the consumer’s daily skincare regime," Seena Seka, Skincare Specialist, Linco Care, told Cover Media. "One particular area that has recently entered the skincare sector is ‘oxygen’ cosmetic active products that effectively increase the oxygen content in the deeper skin layers, reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin."

Skin Repair expert Lorena Oberg recommends keeping an eye on lasers, which she believes will start to really take off before long. She sees them as the "new face lift", especially as when the technology progresses, she can see treatments taking place in clinics and with aestheticians rather than with doctors. Lasers can be used for a whole host of skincare issues, from tightening skin to helping with cellulite and acne scars or age spots.

"I think we will move away from expensive lotions and potions, opting for simpler at home skincare regimes with the combination of lasers," she added, when quizzed on what the next big skincare trend will be. "Laser facials will become as popular as orthodox facials. People will be spending their money differently in the future."

A little sceptical? Well let Seena sway you, as she wholeheartedly agrees with what Lorena suggested.

"In the next five years I see the skin care sector moving towards a more cosme/tech level whereby retail outlets will shelve creams or lotions with a technology device in one pack to further enhance the condition of the skin," she suggested. "There are specialist clinics that can do it now, but I feel it’s not long before it becomes mainstream."

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