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Experts on the skincare mistakes we all make

Experts on the skincare mistakes we all make

We've all experienced bad skin days, but it's especially frustrating when problems flare up for seemingly no reason. Obviously there will usually be a cause for the redness or those dry patches, but it can be hard to pinpoint. To help we asked a number of experts to discuss the biggest errors they regularly see women making with their skin.

"It’s frustrating when women overdo their ‘exfoliation’ as this damages their skin creating extra dryness and sensitivities," Seena Seka, Skincare Specialist at Linco Care, told Cover Media.

"I have seen exfoliation done on the eye area too which is completely wrong as well as dangerous.

"There is absolutely no need to exfoliate twice a day even though certain brands tend to advertise this with rounder smoother beads. Find a reasonable balance, something that works for you, e.g. once a week, and judge it based on how you feel comfortable and progress accordingly. There is no hard and fast rule about skin exfoliation."

Skin repair specialist Lorena Oberg cites sun beds as one of her biggest no-nos, as well as spending excessive amounts of time in the sun. On top of that she fears many people don't bother with an SPF to protect themselves, something Annette Close, skincare expert for Phytomer, is in complete agreement with.

"Yes, thinking that you don’t need SPF in the winter," she replied, when asked if there is anything women do which might be ruining their skin. "UV rays are always present and your skin always needs protection.

"Not cleansing properly (too) - especially younger girls after a night out... you should never sleep with your make-up on, it dulls and dehydrates your skin, blocks the pores and leaves a lack lustre appearance.

"Smoking causes fine lines around the mouth and eyes, gives the skin a fragile tissue like appearance and is generally not good for you."

An interesting tip came from Emma Leslie, who is the editor of beauty retailer With so many new products released weekly it can be easy to get caught up in testing many different ones, but Emma believes this can actually do more harm than good.

"There can be a danger of over-egging the pudding when it comes to skincare, especially when there are so many exciting innovations that launch at a rapid rate," she explained. "If you're rotating between ten different moisturisers and you're still not happy with the health of your skin, try sticking to just one and seeing how your skin feels after a week or two of consistency. That being said, the skin is an organ that's constantly in flux. If you've used the same products for 20 years and you feel that they're not having the same effect as they used to, it may be time to venture out and see what else is available. It's all about paying attention to your skin's well-being and making small changes to suit!"

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