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Embrace your baby hair

Embrace your baby hair

Rather than spending ages trying to hide your baby hair, why not bring it to the forefront? They're hard to tie back and they don't look neat if left to dry alone, so it may actually be an easier option to style them.

This has been made popular by the likes of Katy Perry, FKA Twigs, Rihanna and even high-end labels like Givenchy, with models rocking the distinct look on the catwalk in March.

Annaliese Jonassen, Stylist at Gina Conway Aveda Lifestyle Salons and Spas, certainly thinks it's time to stop avoiding those wispy bits.

"Those annoying fluffy bits around the hairline often referred to as ‘baby hair’ no longer have to be the bane of your life! Embracing them and incorporating them into your hairstyle is becoming a growing trend," she explained to Cover Media.

It can be hard to determine whether the shorter strands at the front are baby hairs, or short hairs which are broken or growing in. If you're a regular blow-dryer on high heat you may be more likely to have stress and breakage, and if the hair varies in length and looks irregular or frayed then you may not be dealing with baby hairs.

Whatever the cause of the shorter hair in the spotlight, Karine Jackson, organic colour expert and former London Hairdresser of the Year, has some advice on how to begin with the styling process.

"The best way to deal with baby hair is to dry it from really wet on a medium heat dryer on a medium speed, using just a little bit of spray gel for hold," she said, adding that she often recommends clients take supplements to help the hair get thicker.

"[Or] to make a feature of it like Katy Perry, wet the hair and tweak into shape using a firm hold gel. It's a statement look and not really one to try for the office but for a night out clubbing it can be a really cool extension of your make-up."

Use the handle of a thin comb to twist your hair into shape - curls are a great shape to aim for rather than tugging them down.

Something like Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Super Control Gel For Edges would work here, as it not only slicks the hairs into shape but strengthens the strands too. It's the vitamin E, keratin and pure coconut oil which helps add depth.

Or if you're too tame, take after Ken Picton, director at Ken Picton salon and ambassador for brands such as ghd and L'Oréal Professionnel, and try to incorporate the stragglers into the finished 'do.

"If you’re looking to deal with baby hair without making an extreme statement like Katy Perry and FKA Twigs, invest in a dry shampoo powder. The product helps to thicken up the hair giving you more to work with which can then be manipulated into style," he noted.

Whatever you opt for, don't let baby hairs cause havoc when tending to your tresses!

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